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Illuminated: A Collection of Fluorescent Minerals

Illuminated: A Collection of Fluorescent Minerals is a new book that I am working on. This beautiful book will be available in hardcover with full color pages as well as an e-book version.

The book is currently in the draft stages and I am aiming for a midsummer or even early fall publication date.

Each entry will include detailed information about the mineral as well as photos of the mineral in both normal lighting and ultraviolet lighting that reveals the stunning colors and otherworldly glow of these fascinating minerals.


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Gems and Minerals

Getting Stoned started out as a gem and mineral podcast hosted by artist, Johnna Crider. Although she is no longer actively podcasting, she is collecting and sharing her gem photography art online.

Some of Johnna’s more notable interviews include:

Elon Musk
Dr. Robert Lavinsky, President and Founder of (The Arkenstone)
Eterneva’s Adelle Archer
Gemologist David Saad (owner of SkyJems)
Kunal Phalpher, Chief Commercial Officer of Li-Cycle
Robert Cleaver, owner of the $550K Opal, Rays of the Rising Sun
Author Yinan Wang (Fossil Locator)

Blog posts

A Little Book of Gems and Minerals

A Little Book of Gems and Minerals is a small photography book of some of the gems and minerals collected by Johnna Crider.

It’s a great gift for gem and mineral lovers young and old!


Gem & Mineral photography by Johnna


Johnna Crider

Johnna Crider is a Baton Rouge artist from Shreveport, LA who learned how to wire wrap gems and minerals into jewelry from Grammy-winning guitarist, Daryl Thompson.

Johnna met Daryl and his wife, Denise, in the Little 5 Points arts district of Atlanta and her love for gems and minerals was ignited right there on Euclid Avenue.

In 2021, she started her podcast, Getting Stoned, and some of her more notable interviews include SpaceX Founder & CEO Elon Musk, and Dr. Robert Lavinsky, President and Founder of (The Arkenstone).

Currently, Johnna is no longer designing jewelry but instead collecting gems, minerals and expanding her knowledge.

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