What would you do if you suddenly happened upon a stash of 2,000-year-old gemstones in a drain?

Although this isn’t as random as it seems, it’s still a pretty cool find. In February, Smithsonian Magazine reported that archaeologists found several gemstones, also known as intaglios, in the drain beneath a Roman bathhouse.

These gemstones most likely fell from the rings of wealthy people bathing.

The trove of gemstones was found under the waters of an ancient Roman bathhouse in Carlisle, England, near Hadrian’s Wall.

There were well over 30 gems found, including carnelian, amethyst, and varieties of jasper. Although today these gems are pretty common, and pretty much anyone can buy these three minerals at really affordable prices, back then, that wasn’t the case.

Archaeologist Frank Giecco said that the gems were falling out of rings due to being set with vegetable glue that didn’t quite do so well in a hot and sweaty bathhouse.

Along with the gemstones, the team found several women’s hairpins and 35 glass beads, and hundreds of other artifacts, such as weapons and coins.

You can read the full article here.

What are your thoughts? What would you do with such a treasure if it were you who found them?

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